Feathers and Suede

So today I wore a funky handmade outfit that doesn’t allow me to sit or have a full range of motion! :) But of course I’m willing to suffer for fashion! So I’m wearing a simple black tank top from who knows where, a suede and feather skirt that I made, and red leather lace up boots. To further explain the chaotic skirt I made this skirt in a RISD fashion class where we had to make clothes out of recycled materials. We had a large array of recycled materials and for my creation I chose feathers and suede. It’s absolutely very unpractical due to the restraints such as being unable to bend or sit. Moving on, my shoes are red leather boots that lace up the front and have a bubbly rounded toe. I have no idea where they’re from since they were a gift but I love them soooo much. Look at the pictures below and critique and comment for yourself!

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