Professor McGonagall

Here comes my previously promised update. So this outfit was inspired by Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter. I thought it looked stern and professional. The colors are much more reserved than I usually wear but I loved both pieces of these outfit separately and needed matching pieces for both to assemble an outfit. So when I got the skirt home this weekend I was ecstatic when I saw the never worn shirt from several months ago lying on my chair next to my new skirt. It was a perfect match!

I bought the shirt from Savers, and the skirt was also from Savers. The skirt is handmade by Florence or as the tag says “An original by Florence”. Just the tag was enough persuasion for me to spring for the five dollar skirt. I’m also wearing Salvation army leather boots, and black Target tights.

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2 Responses to Professor McGonagall

  1. Alex Vail says:

    I think, you mix all great. Actually, I adore McGonagall, and HP is awesome *__* I think, you’ve managed to show her character.

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