Minnie Mouse

Hello! Sorry to be away. Yesterday I visited a really amazing, age old,  dust-covered vintage shop . The owner was quite the character, she trundled around with her reading glasses teetering on the tip of her nose, and her hunched back protruding from her old sweater. She had an almost psychic ability to know exactly what I would like.  Finally after digging through enormous heaps of dusty dolls, hats, old girl scout uniforms, and teacups alike I discovered the clothing. There were four jumbled racks of vintage clothing. I finally purchased this dress from the 50’s with ribbed red and white polka dotted fabric, white buttons, and a thin belt with a white buckle, a red dress with white embroidery, and a pink and green pastel house coat from the 60’s. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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8 Responses to Minnie Mouse

  1. Alex Vail says:

    Oh, I’ve said, that I adore vintage and XX century? Well, at such moments, I understand, why it was an amazing era. So much time to buy just a few things, so many diligence to buy it, but the result is worth it!
    This dress is bright, and it really suits you. Actually, I think, that red is your color.
    I’ll be waiting for other vintage dresses =).

  2. Alex Vail says:

    Hi :). I want to say that I really like your blog and lavendersparrow’s blog. So, I want to ask you for the common for three of us project =). What if I ask you questions, and then post an interview with you? Please, tell me what you think about it, I’ll be waiting :).

  3. Eline says:

    Aw, that dress is so great and you look amazing in it!

  4. katie says:

    That dress Is to-die for! And your so pretty!!! Love your blog.

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