Bows and Lace

Hey there so this april vacation I went to New York City for the first time and was utterly amazed. How had I not known about and been to this fantastic place? We did so much that it would be painful to recount but among some of my favorite stops was a vintage clothing store in the East Village. From the outside it almost appeared to be closed but we went in anyways. There was a middle-aged classically dressed woman with bright red lips and a thick accent. There were five sagging racks packed with vintage clothes all outrageously priced and at the least $100. My Mother enthusiastically pointed out a red skirt covered with white felt bows covering it, and then she looked inside and shook her head. Way overpriced. Anyways we ended up talking her down in price and I spent the last of my money on this skirt. It’s calf-length red cotton with velveteen white bows running up and down the skirt. It is obviously handmade and was from the 1960’s.

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