YES I made that hat!!

Soo.. for Fashion merchandising we had to “up cycle” or create something new for a fashion show. I made the sort of vintage pillbox hat rimmed with ric-rac. I also made a skirt and embellished a shirt I had lying around I’ll post that later I suppose. For the rest of the outfit I’m wearing yellow Target tights, a red and white vintage dress which I purchased at The Lady Next Door. As for the shoes I splurged while in New York and bought these at Irregular Choice. Well there goes months of babysitting… but it was worth it!! They’re green and white polka-dotted shoes, with a metallicĀ green heel. On the top is a floral pink and gold bow, with a T-strap. Here are the photos!

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One Response to YES I made that hat!!

  1. Alex Vail says:

    These shoes are really cool ^_^ They remind me about Art Deco’s shoes and Art Deco’s heels… Gosh, how I want original shoes from XX! And dress. I don’t like dresses and don’t wear them, but I want. And. The. Point. ‘
    Oh, and I’ve finished interview :D. It’s in my blog. You can see it :)

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